Client: City of Haysville
Reference: Larry Powell
Contract Number - A-5862
Contract Value: $695,000.00
Duration January 10, 2008 to June 15, 2008
Description: Haysville Senior Center

Client: National Archives NARA
Reference: Dave Allmon COR (785) 263-4751
Contract No. NAMA-NAS-07-M-0050
Contract Value: $343,450.00
Duration: August 8, 2007 - July 10, 2008
Description: Install a Fire Sprinkler Expansion
System at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential
Libary & Museum Abilene, KS 67410

Client: United State Department of Interior National Parks and Services
Reference: Sen. Paul Sarbanes
Contract Number: 1443C4500070928
Contract Value: $3,084,000.00
Duration: 548 days starting March 26, 2008
Description: Design/Build Construct New
Barrier Island Vistor Center

Client: Florida Hurlbrut Air Force Base
Reference: Engineer Mr. Jim Cuilla (850) 884-6613
Contract Value: $943,780.00
Duration: January 15, 2007 to Present
Description: Project Title: Repair Storm Drainage-Airfield-Dennis

Client: Seattle District Corp of Engineers
Reference: Bob Hohweg 253-208-0175
Contract Value: $2,000,000.00
Duration Duration September 15, 2004 to May 30, 2005
Description: Project Title: Central Technical Support Facility

Client: Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant (Fort Riley, KS)
Reference: Ron Chaney (785) 532-8038/776-3200
Contract Value: $22,000,000.00
Our Contract is $600,000.00 QTI Sucontractor
Duration July 20, 2003 to November 15, 2004
Description: Labor for 5 metal buildings and 2 Splitface CMU block buildings

Client: Jim Clark Chevrolet (Junction City, KS)
Reference: Mark Ervin (785) 238-4500/ (785) 761-5604
Architect: Jerry Ervin
Contract Value: $2,000,000.00
Duration August 10, 2002 to September 15, 2003
Description: Jim Clark showroom and dealership


Client: Living Word of Christ Church
Reference: Architectural Engineer
Poing of contract Mr. Mark Ervin (785)-238-4500
Contract Value: $1,000,000.00
Duration: 2001-2002.
Description: Church

Client: USD 475 School District
Reference: Kent Ebert (785) 776-1800
Architect for Kent Ebert Design
Contract Value: $114,000.00
Duration: July 15, 2001 to August 30, 2001
Description: Building Restabilization install 31 Steel Piers to
lift school bldg. west wing at Westwood Elementary School

Client: General Service Administration
Reference: Vern Tanner
Project Manager (816) 822-7074
Contract Value: $120,000.00
Duration: January 15, 2000 to March 16, 2001
Description: SSA Building, 801 South Broadway, Pittsburg, KS
Replace Roof and A/C Units (RKS97010)

Client: Chinese Chef Resturants
Reference: Maggie -Mr. Chin
Contract Number: J.C. K.S66441
Contract Value: $250,000.00
Duration: June 12, 2000 to November 15, 2000
Description: Remodel interior, install cold storage
Replace Heating & Airconditioning Unites

Client: General Service Administration
Reference: Mr. Ronald Noll
Contracting Officer Ronald C. Noll (202) 708-0770
Contract Value: $182, 325.00
Duration: March 05, 2000 to August 12, 2000
Description: Library Granite Steps Replacement at the Presidential
Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas

Client: City of Holton, KS
Contract Number: EC-98-8 Elk Creek Watershed
Reference: Mr. Herbert Graves (785) 823-4533
Contract Value $155,550.73
Duration Sept 14, 1999 to Mar, 2000
Describtion Install Force Main and Pumpstation
9,000’ of 3" sewer water line and nine manholes.

Client: USDA-ARS-NPA, Ft. Collins, CO
Reference: Mr. Joe Warrick (402) 762-4131
Contract Numbers Sol 50-82HW-6-25 & 50-82HW-6-32
Contract Value: $434,381.45
Duration: September 15, 1996 to April 10, 1997
Description: Mechanical & Electrical work on roofs and replace built up with EPDM

Client: USDA Geary County Unified Schools
Reference: Asa Fergerson
Contract Number: 9508
Contract Value: $7,900.00
Duration: June 12th, 1996 to June 18th, 1996
Description: Constructed Handicap Ramp Handrail and Sidewalk.

Client: Homestead Motel (Junction City, KS)
Reference: Charlie Gay, Homestead Motel
Contract Number: 004900
Contract Value: $175,000
Duration: July 25th, 1995 to December 15th, 1995
Description: Roof, Siding, Window, Gutter, Stack, Door,and Framing Replacement
(Siding and Roof Repair on 40 different buildings).

Client: State Of Missouri, Division Of Design and Construction
Reference: Walter G. Joannpeter PE. (573) 751-3275
Contract Number: 10-799-93-0005 (B)
Contract Value: $187,000 + Cost to renovate Bell Tower
Duration: July 15, 1995 to December 20, 1995
Description: Pierce City Fire Station Renovation and Stabilization Project.

Client: Barr Construction
Reference: Mr. Robin Brooks (Vice President) (602) 244-200
Contract Number: New Denny's Restaurant in Salina, Kansas
Contract Value: $105,000.00
Duration: September 15th, 1995 to November 30, 1995
Description: Carpentry, Painting, EFS System, Drywall and
Vinyl Wall, and Ceiling Insulation.

Client: Department Of The Army, Ft Riley, Kansas
Reference: Col. William Reese (785)239-2110
Contract Number: DAKF19-94-C-0045
Contract Value: $340,000.00
Duration: July 20, 1994 to June 30, 1995
Description: Fire Station Hazmat Storage Addition.

Client: US Army Corps Of Engineers, Louisville, Kentucky
Reference: Mr. Donald R. Crain Jr. P.E. (513) 797-6043
Contract Number: DACA62-94-C-0059
Contract Value: 1.2 Million
Duration: May 30, 1995 to August 15, 1995
Description: Septic System Removal and Site Restoration

Client: Kansas City Corp. of Engineers, Wilson Lake, KS
Reference: Winifred Dyer (816) 426-2979
Contract Number: DACW41-92-C-0088
Contract Value: $612,000
Duration: November 14, 1992 to November 15, 1994
Description: Construction of 25' X 50' washhouse with solar panels
including but not limited to, access drive and parking lot, plus sanitary
dump island, pump station, force main and wastewater treatment pond.

Client: Manhattan Hud Authority
Reference: JoAnn R. Sutton, PHM, Interim Housing Officer (785) 776-8588
Contract Number: 9322A
Contract Value: $86,500.00
Duration: May 15, 1994 to September 1994
Description: High-rise Tower Apartment Office Additions.

Client: Tyndall - Air Force Base
Reference: Fran Kennedy
Contract Number: Fo 8637 94 C4005
Contract Value: $364,000.00
Duration: April 15, 1994 to June 29, 1994
Description: Repair Apron Drainage

Client: USDA-ARS-NPA, Ft. Collins, CO
Reference: Jimmie Nell Oliver, (785) 776-2737
Contract Number: 50-82HW-3-22
Contract Value: $173,678.00
Duration: September 1, 1993 to December 15, 1993
Description: Re-Roof Pilot Plant of office building at
US Grain Marketing Research (Manhattan, KS)

Client: USDA-ARS-NPA, Ft. Collins, CO
Reference: Jimmie Nell Oliver, (785) 776-2737
Contract Number: Sol. 1033-82HW-92
Contract Value: $52,089
Duration: November, 1992 to December 18, 1992
Description: Install Dust Collection System

Client: Ft. Riley Water Treatment Plant, Topeka, KS
Reference: Mr. Michael Welsh, (785) 232-1245
Contract Number: DACA41/90/C/0089
Contract Value: $193,000.00
Duration: September 29, 1991 to December 20, 1991
Description: One Million Gallon Clearwell, Ft. Riley, KS
w Excavation, Layout and Survey of Site to Specifications
w Contracting Agency: U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers
w Subcontracted for BRB Contractor, Inc., Topeka, KS

Client: State of Kansas, Wichita State University
Reference: Mr. Gary Cricacek, (316) 689-3444
Contract Number: A-6589
Contract Value: $18,830
Duration: August, 1991 to September, 1991
Description: Campus Walk Repairs

Client: Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
Reference: Trisha Van Bliesen, (913) 684-2091
Contract Number: DABT1990-C0030
Contract Value: $17,000
Duration: August, 1990 to October, 1990
Description: Improvement of Entomology Building

Client: Soil Conservation Service
Reference: Mr. Eugene Burns, (785) 823-4504
Contract Number: 53-6215-9-6
Contract Value: $30,465.81
Duration: October 15, 1989 to October 25, 1989
Description: Irrigation System Installation
w Manhattan Ashland Bottoms, Manhattan, Kansas
w Installed a 1.5 mile Underground Sprinkler pipeline with gate valves and pump stations.


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Quality Trust Inc. Client Portfolio

The following descriptions provide a representative sample of recent contracts on which Quality Trust, Inc. has been active. As these contract examples will attest, QTI has a strong track record for completing projects according to client's specifications. This list is not all inclusive, it is a small representation of how Quality Trust Inc. meets the needs of our clients. A reference name and telephone number is included with each contract description.